MBSR and Mindfulness

Origins of MBSR

MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) was developed by the medical scientist Jon Kabat-Zinn in 1979. MBSR reduces effectively harmful effects of stress and fosters welbeing and health.

Establishment of MBSR

The method of MBSR is researched scientifically. Worldwide hundreds of hospitals and other health institutes use MBSR successfully. Many studies and research projects indicate to its effectiveness.

Positive Effects of Mindfulness and MBSR

The aim is to cultivate mindfulness and being in the here and now. This promotes:

·        Concentration
·        More awareness of needs
·        More openness in feeling, thinking and doing
·        Acceptance of change, uncertainty and difficult aspects of life
·        Less unreflected reaction and more wiser action
·        Less useless and difficult ruminations
·        Relaxation, recovery and good sleep

MBSR as a Course

The standard of MBSR is an intense program of 8 Weeks with one 2,5 h session per week, a full day of practise in between, and daily practise at home (supported by CDs and texts). Other formats of mindfulness trainings are possible. (see Formats / Kinds of Courses).

The core of the program consists of

·        meditative exercises and practise
·        gentle body exercises from the yogic traditions
·        Reflecting experiences with the group
·        Mindfulness in communication
·        Short lectures (a bit of theory)

Motivations of participants and practitioners

MBSR and mindfulness training suits people who suffer under stress in their profession or family, have to live with chronic disease (e.g. pain), want to care for their health, seek an addition to a medical or psychotherapy treatment, want to live more mindfully, raise their tolerance for stress and hardship or like to learn a method of self-examination.

Roots and ideological Neutrality

MBSR und mindfulness training use Buddhist meditative practices and Yoga, but remain free from religion and dogma. Ultimately participants of courses have to discover on their own what wise action is.

Special Topics

Mindfulness courses with special issues complement the "standard" of the MBSR programs:

·        Mindful communication
·        Self-compassion
·        Being in contact with the body